Your child's progress report will soon be coming home ...

Your child's Progress Report will be coming home on Nov. 18th.   I would like you to note that the Kindergarten marking system is very different from elementary reports as it is marked on a "1" or "2" grading system.   You will also see that there may be an asterisk in place of a mark.  A "1" means that your child requires additional practice and support to meet the Learner Expectation.   I would like to highlight that at this point in the year that a "1" reflects more practise, and not necessarily support, with the outcomes we have been covering.   A "2" on the report card  means that your child demonstrates consistent development in meeting the Learner Expectation.   Lastly, an asterisk means the Learner Expectation has not been assessed this reporting period and will be covered as the year unfolds.   

 It is important to recognize that September was spent on getting to know your child as well as your child becoming familar and comfortable in the classroom setting while getting to know their peers and myself.  Establishing routines and expectations was the main focus.  Much of the work we did in September was whole class work, such as listening to stories and responding orally.  As you may not see much in terms of paper work that goes home, please know that the assessment I have been gathering goes beyond a worksheet.  The observations I see, the conversations I have and hear, and the hands on work the children complete in class all contribute to how I assess each child.  Please don’t be alarmed about seeing 1’s on your child’s Progress Report.  It simply means that your child requires additional practise to independently demonstrate consistent understanding of the outcome.  If after seeing the report card you have questions or concerns I would be very happy to meet with you at Parent Teacher Conferences.  

This year, Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on November 26th from 4:00 – 7:00 pm and November 27th all day. Please book your conference time through our online booking system.  An instruction sheet for booking will be in your child’s report card envelope.  Your child’s school id will be needed which is on his or her report card.  Please remember to sign and send back the report card envelope as soon as possible.



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