November 15

Grade 6 students will write their Unit 2 test on Numeration at the beginning of next week. Exact date will be given later this week.

All students should practice their times tables for a few minutes each night.

Math 5C

Today we continued using tenth, hundredth and thousandth grids to model equivalent decimals. Then we began working on Lesson 7: Renaming Decimals. We discussed the problem on pages 60-61 in the textbook and completed questions A-C on page 61.

Math 6A & 6B

Today we talked about equivalent decimals (Example: 0.0001 = 0.00010 = 0.000100). Then students worked in groups to complete the problem in Lesson 7: Exploring Decimals to Millionths on page 57 in the textbook. Students should complete the Lesson 7 practice worksheet for homework due next class.


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