November 26=30

Monday November 26 - POW#11 assigned

Tuesday November 27 -

Wednesday November 28 -

Thursday November 29 - Full day fieldtrip to the Glenbow Museum

The students will board the bus after attendance is taken. They will

need to bring their lunch, packed in their backpack which they will

carry onto the bus. They will hang up their coats and backpacks in the

lunchroom area. Our first program will be The Rock Cycle. Lunch occurs

from 11:30 until 11:50. The students will then have an opportunity to explore

the museum in their groups until the second program begins. The second

program is a study of portraits. We will board the bus about 2:00 and

arrive back at the school at 2:45.

Friday November 30 - POW#11 due, progress reports are distributed


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