Reading Snapshots

Give me a quick snapshot of your book.  

 A "snapshot"  is not retelling the whole story. I do not want the whole story.  That would ruin the book for me and  is against the Reader's Code.

  • Give me the best line in the book.
  • A piece of witty , funny, clever dialogue
  • a character sketch of someone and who they remind you of
  • a warning why I should not read it
  • Favourite description
  • Comparison to other books like it
  • Recommendation to read 
  • If you like this book , you would really like......
  • Something you thought about after reading the book


i am reading hunger by Michael Grant.

i believe u said that i could blog to u because i did not have a partner.

Everyone is hungery. People are starving to death. A dark creature lurks in the darkness. Its called the darkness its awake and its hungery.

my book hold mystery, adventure that wil keep you up through the night.

I'm reading 'Wave' by Eric walters

It's about a family caught in the middle of a tutsinami!

I am reading George and the Big Bang by Lucy and Stephen Hawking the best part is when they talk about the Big Bang in a scientific lecture. I warn you not to read this book if you are not interested in science or are very strong in it. The main character, George, reminds me of me because he is very curious about what is going on up in our universe. It doesn't compare to mny other books I have read other than George and the Cosmic Treasure Hunt the prequel to this book. I would recommend this book if you like suspense and theories in science that hardly anybody understands. If you like this book you would probably like I am Number Four. One thing I thought about after reading this book was about how to improve those scientific theories created so long ago. Thanks for reading!!


Could you give me an idea of one suspenseful moment in the book?

I love hearing strange theories in Science.  Parallel universes was one that particularly intrigued me.  Which theory seemed the most unfathomable to you?

"He slowly opens the door to find his mother, dead on the bed in the cold room"

This is from the book contact Harvest from the Halo series.The book is truly stimulating! A book like this book and that would be good for you if you read this book and liked it would be a book from the same series, such as flood.

I honestly felt sad when i was reading this epicness of a novel. Its kinda depressing. One of the best lines so far was:

"Get my ship and" "my ship" he interupted.

This guy below is Staff sergent Avery Johnson.

srry about the huge pic

Im reading 2 books right now. They are called No and Me and the other is The Maze Runner. I prefer The Maze Runner because each chapter leaves in suspense and i like to keep guessing while reading a book. I has tons of adventure to keep you up at night reading!! the other is more of a drag because it is basically the story of a homless girl who got "adopted" by a depressed family......pretty depressing.

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